Why is My Furnace Freezing Up?

Why is My Furnace Freezing Up?

Your furnace system is an essential part of keeping your home comfortable in the winter. That’s why it must be properly functioning so that it can continuously keep your house warm during the harsh winter weather. However, your system can be prone to issues—and one of which is the chance for it to freeze up.

We bet you’re wondering how it happens, so here are 3 (three) reasons why.

Restricted Air Flow

For your furnace to work, it needs the air to flow throughout the whole system. If the air passages are restricted due to sagging ventilation pipes or items in the exhaust vents, your furnace might stop working. All of these minor factors can cause ice to form within the ducts. It is significant to check the vents and pipes to prevent this from happening. You can also opt for a vent screen so that nothing can enter the exterior vent.

Coolant Leaks

The coolant is a gas or fluid substance that provides the air temperature inside the system. If something’s up with the coolant levels, the system will not correctly blow air. Contact your trusted contractor to address this issue. The technician will check the root of the problem. It is common for it to form around the coils. Then it needs to be replaced if that’s where it’s coming from.

Dirty Coils

The evaporator coils’ function is to help convert the air into heat. You need to ensure it’s clean because dirt can form in these coils and restrict the airflow. Also, ice can follow after and freeze the system. You can perform minor clean up on your own, like removing the leaves from the coils, while more complicated issues will require an HVAC professional.

Take proper care of your heating system to ensure that it is running efficiently. Although there are issues that you may be able to handle on your own, you may want expert help so that complicated problems can be solved appropriately.

If you’re looking for professional help for your furnace in Langhorne, PA, then look no further. JR Michalski Heating & Air Conditioning has the best team of experts who can provide the most appropriate solution for your furnace dilemma. Contact us today to get started right away!

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