Is your Heater Up for the Holidays?

Is Your Heater Up for the Holidays?

The Holiday seasons can prove to be cold and uncomfortable, especially if your heater isn’t working correctly. A properly functioning heating system will keep the bills down, an essential factor to consider when other costs skyrocket around the holidays. To ensure that you and your guests stay comfortable and cozy, read this checklist and perform it before the holidays.

Check the Air Vents

Supply registers bring heated air in, while return registers direct cooled air back to the furnace for reheating. Once these vents are blocked, your heater’s efficiency will decrease, and you will experience uneven temperatures throughout your home. It will cause your family discomfort throughout the holiday season.

If you want to have better airflow and a more even temperature, check if all the air vents in your home are unobstructed. Move area rugs, rearrange your furniture and tie back curtains to allow sufficient airflow.

Check for Gas Leaks

Does your heater run on natural gas? If it does, a leak might develop and create a risk that could harm your family. Before you start using your heater this season, call a professional to inspect your furnace for worn or damaged connections. Always be aware of natural gas odors. If you notice a problem, call an expert immediately for further investigation.

Change the Air Filter

A dirty and clogged air filter restricts airflow, reduces efficiency, and makes your equipment work harder. If you regularly replace your filter, it cleans your indoor air, lowers your energy bills, and helps your system last longer.

We recommend changing your filter at the start of the fall. Check it once a month during the winter and replace it once you notice it becomes dirty. You should also wait no more than three months between changes. Make sure that you pick the proper size and efficiency of the replacement filters for the best outcomes.

Are you using an electronic air cleaner in the winter? Make sure to clean its air filter according to manufacturer directions

Test for Proper Operation

Switch your thermostat to heat and turn the temperature up a degree or two to trigger your furnace. Listen for any unusual sounds your heater or ductwork would emit. If you hear something odd, contact a heating expert for inspection and repair.

Place your hand over different registers in your home. Make sure that the air is plenty hot and is exiting the registers with great force.

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