Best Ways to Beat Spring Allergies

Best Ways to Beat Spring Allergies

Everyone is excited about spring fun! But with swollen eyes, runny nose, or sore throat, it can ruin your wonderful spring experience. Unfortunately, allergies become more prevalent during the spring season. Don’t worry, dear! We have your back! As your trusted HVAC contractor in Langhorne, PA, we’ll help you stay happy and comfortable.

Learn from our experts on how you can beat spring allergies. Continue reading this post!

Freshen Up Your Home

Clean out winter’s cobwebs and vacuum the floors, carpets, and furniture. The bed linens and curtains might seem harmless, but they often collect dust, dander, and other allergens. Wash them regularly as well as your furry companions. 

Change Your Filters

It is vital to keep your filter clean regularly to prevent dirt buildup, causing poor airflow and indoor air quality. We also recommend using a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, which helps eliminate viruses, allergens, and other harmful particles. With that, you and your family can minimize the risk of asthma and allergies.

Hire the Pros for Duct Cleaning & Inspection

Dust, mold, and other debris accumulate in your ductwork over time. When it gets clogged or damaged, your home’s comfort and family’s safety is compromised. These pollutants circulate inside your space, putting your health in jeopardy.

Achieve a clean, safe, and healthy air with the help of the pros. They will professionally clean your ducts, find the leaks, and seal them to ensure you get the right comfort.

Install Indoor Air Quality Products

Investing in high-quality IAQ products such as UV lights, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and electrostatic filters are your mainline defense against deadly pollutants. They are designed to naturally keep your indoor air fresh, healthy, and breathable.  

Schedule an A/C Service

Did you know? Keeping your air conditioner healthy can reduce spring-allergy symptoms. Routine maintenance on your A/C unit can go a long way! The HVAC pros will inspect, test, clean, and repair your unit, making sure that it works properly. As a result, you and your family can enjoy a cleaner and safer home environment while staying comfortable.

Spring allergies aren’t just limited to the outdoors, but indoor pollutants such as dust, pollen, and dander can also put your health at risk. Follow these tips and enjoy this season without worrying. 

Having problems with your air conditioning system? Contact us at JR Michalski Heating & Air Conditioning today! Our certified HVAC techs will be there in no time, making sure you stay comfortable all year round.

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