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After a long summer escapade, you’re probably looking forward to a cool and refreshing home. But what would you feel when you turn on your air conditioner, and it doesn’t work? You would most likely panic. But don’t worry because an expert air conditioning repair Bensalem, PA company like JR Michalski Heating & AC is just a phone call away.

We will respond to your call promptly and will send our best team of technicians to your rescue. We will also make sure to inspect every nook and cranny of your A/C unit to find the root cause of the problem. After which, we will provide you with an air conditioner repair service that only caters to your needs.

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Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Be Hissing

It’s fulfilling to have the chance to explore some of your summer destinations this season. But after a long, tiring journey, you just want to lie down in your bed and enjoy the cold air that your air conditioner offers.

But what if you find your A/C system is creating a hissing sound? It would surely be a turn-off, and you can’t help but wonder why it happens:

Serious Compressor Problem

Air conditioners are complex machines with different parts working together to generate cold air, which is why they make some noise while running.

So, it’s no surprise that many homeowners think that a hissing sound is just normal. But that’s something you should not take lightly because it could indicate a serious problem in the compressor, which requires an immediate and professional air conditioning repair Bensalem, PA.

Refrigerant Leakage 

What if you have repaired or replaced the compressor, but the hissing noise continues? That could be frustrating, right? Well, the culprit could be a leakage in the refrigerant lines.

This is a serious problem because it can cause your energy bill to drive up. It can also put a lot of strain on other parts of the A/C unit. Don’t wait for that to happen. Contact a well-reputed HVAC company for reliable air conditioning repair Bensalem, PA.

Internal Valve Leakage

Another reason for a hissing noise could be an internal valve leakage. This is not as serious as a compressor or refrigerant line problem, but it’s still something you need to take care of promptly to prevent it from getting worse.

The best way to deal with a leak in the internal valve is to have a trusted HVAC contractor take a look at your unit. Not only do they have the skills and experience, but they also have the tools to fix it.

There are Gaps and Cracks in Ductwork

Hissing noises can also be caused by cracks and holes in your ductwork. These gaps allow air to escape, which can reduce the efficiency of your A/C unit.

As your air conditioner works overtime to compensate for the loss of cool air, it puts more stress on the system, which can lead to high electric costs and other serious damages.

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