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We all have made some tough decisions—and that includes getting a new A/C installed. Choosing to replace your old cooling system is a decision that you should consult to a professional.

JR Michalski Heating & Air Conditioning can help make your air conditioning installation in Bristol, PA successful. We have the best and highly efficient cooling products that fit for all budget. Our team can also install the equipment so you don’t have to find quality service elsewhere. Leave all the job to us and sit with peace of mind—we have you covered! .

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Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioning System

Here’s what you get with a new air conditioning installation in Bristol, PA:

Highly Efficient Comfort Equipment
Old air conditioners with malfunctioning or loose parts tend to consume more energy. Installing a new air conditioner in Bristol PA is should be done if your current A/C acts up and break the bank. Talk with your local HVAC contractor to get recommendations about highly efficient A/C products.

Improved Your Home’s Value
If you plan to market your home in the future, then make sure your A/C is in good working condition. Home buyers usually hunt for a property with complete fixtures and appliances. A home that doesn’t need further renovations and costly upgrades will look appealing to them. Start working on your comfort systems if you think they need a replacement.

Reduced Repair Costs with Available Warranty
Years before, homeowners could not really depend on their warranty to cover up the unit’s repair expenses. Good thing, your trusted HVAC company in Bristol, PA offers various warranty options for the cooling system you invest. The warranty can save yourself from future repair expenses when your unit needs professional service.

Longer Lifespan
In the past, you are fortunate enough if your cooling system lived past a decade. But nowadays, manufacturers ensure that your purchased A/C can live longer. Modern cooling units typically require few repairs and remain energy efficient for years. Having a maintenance service in place could even improve its performance and extend its service life more.

Reduced Environmental Footprint
Our environment becomes extremely polluted nowadays. Having a malfunctioning and out-dated air conditioning working in your home can even add up to the pollution. By investing in new, efficient, and environmental-friendly A/C, you can both lower your utility bills and give our environment the care it deserves. 

Use your money in something you can benefit of rather than wasting it on high utility bills each month. Invest in a new system and enjoy the perks that come with it.


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There is nothing more stressful than paying for high energy bills in exchange of poor cooling comfort. When your air conditioning is already acting up, no longer do its job properly, and cost you a lot of stress and money, the best thing to do is to replace it. You can count on us when you need to replace your old system.

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