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Are you looking for a new air conditioning system? With wide array of options of A/C out there, it’s important to get the right cooling system for your home.

No worries! Our experts at JR Michalski Heating & Air Conditioning can help you select and install the A/C that fits your space. Our A/C installation services in Newtown, PA are done with precision and expertise.

5 Common A/C Installation Mistakes

Here are common A/C installation mistakes and ways on how to avoid them:

Wrong A/C Size

If you fail to select the right A/C size for your residential or commercial space, you will face several cooling problems. If you have an oversized A/C unit, this may result in short cycles, while an A/C unit that is undersized will find it hard to cool your space evenly. In both cases, this will lead to accelerated wear and tear and inefficiency.

The best approach here is to contact your local HVAC company to assist you in selecting the right size for your space. They’ll assess your space to find the best unit for you.

Wrong Thermostat Placement

The placement of your thermostat significantly affects your unit’s performance. Most homeowners install their thermostat in the wrong place, making the device work harder than normal. Wrong thermostat placement has negative effect on your A/C’s efficiency.

Ideally, thermostats should be placed away from air vents and in any location away from direct sunlight. The more regulated you can keep your thermostat’s temperature is, the more precise your A/C will be.

Sloppy Ductwork Sealing

Another A/C installation error you should be aware of is poor ductwork sealing. If you fail to seal the ducts properly, this can greatly affect the efficiency of your cooling system. This is due to the air leaking out of the cracks.

Any cracks should be sealed accordingly. Reach your local HVAC service provider to assist you in sealing up your ductwork.

Improper Vents Placement

The position of your vents is crucial to the overall performance of your cooling equipment. If you install them in the wrong area, your residential or commercial space will find it hard to reap sufficient airflow.

You can avoid this by dispersing vents out evenly throughout your home or office space. In addition, it is ideal for placing them in areas where they won’t easily be clogged up by debris or other materials.

Improper Condenser Placement

Your condenser unit is vital to the functionality of your air conditioning system. The more limited work it does, the more efficiently your unit will operate. This will let you have low energy bills and improve the system’s life span.

Regular maintenance is one way to help your condenser unit. However, you should also be mindful of where you should put it. For your unit to run optimally, it’s required to have at least 2 feet of clearance on the walls.

Simply put, you have to place the condenser in an appropriate area with enough breathing space. Contact a local pro to help you out.

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